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Milli, the curious little snail, goes on a quest to find out what snails do best. The only snail on Apple Tree Hill, she turns to the strange and wonderful creatures she meets every day for answers. On the way she gets sucked into many adventures, but will any one be able to tell her what it is that snails do?

"I wish I could find out, I wish that I knew, I wish someone could tell me what it is that snails do. I know that I am curious and ever so slow, but what makes me, me? Well, I really don’t know."

Milli and her best friend Miro, the ladybird (who is neither a lady or a bird) set off to learn more about who they are and what they’re good at, and along the way they learn more about the animals they meet. Why is Wanda the Owl so clever, and how does Leon Chameleon hide so well? Find out, right here.

Told in rhyme, through a series of stunning, interactive landscapes, Milli’s adventures on Apple Tree Hill will enthral story-lovers both young and old.

[...] a visual and audible treat [...]

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Milli the Snail might just be the most beautiful app for the iPad.


Overall, I believe this is my favorite little storybook app to come along in a long, long time. Charming artwork, delightful narration & story, and a few mini-games in for activity give us a well put-together app that can be enjoyed by adults and children together.

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Milli the Snail is both thematically and artistically an exceptionally interesting storybook app.


In addition to a fabulous, charming animated story with a positive message, Milli the Snail includes plenty of fun and games.


A small celebration for children and parents, full of details, funny ideas and cute heroes from forest and grassland.


Milli has great artwork, age-appropriate approach, international appeal and well-thought through usage of various platforms to engage the audience.

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In a nutshell Milli is the whimsical journey of a little snail that goes out in search of her true self. Told in rhyming verses, it captivates preschoolers with memorable illustrations and a timeless message.

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